The most adorable Musical Notes in the world!

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Meet the NicoNotes!

NicoNotes are the most adorable musical notes in the world! They love playing on their musical staffs to make music come to life!

Fun and Engaging

Make all kinds of cool sounds as you bounce off drums, crash off symbols, spring off guitar strings, jump off trumpets, but watch out for monsters that can catch you!


Guide the musical NicoNotes "The Whoo" back into their nests as you use the power of music to fly, collect treasures and unlock Bonus Levels!

NicoNotes are Music Notes!

Hundreds of Levels Strategic Thinking Musical Discovery Engaging Environments

Compete with your friends for high point scores with over 100 levels of gameplay in this uniquely fun and imaginative game.

Our projects are designed so children and parents can play together in a fun, family friendly environment and gain appreciation of music, history, languages and cultures.

Music is a universal language.

Connecting Children Throughout the World with a Language of Music.

Whistlers World Goals

The NicoNotes Musical Puzzle Game

Best Features

Musical Notes

The NicoNotes are musical notes, each has a name and a color A - Appy - Purple B - Bippy - Pink C - Chippy - Red D - Dippy - Orange E - Eeppy - Yellow F - Fippy - Green G - Gippy - Blue

Immersive Levels

All of the musical groves are based around a musical instrument type. String Grove, Brass Grove, Percussion Grove, Keyboard Grove, Wind Grove

Puzzle Levels

Your goal is the get the NicoNote musical notes back into their nests in the proper order.

Discover Music

Discover the wonderful sounds that the NicoNotes make and the instruments they like to bounce off of.

100s of Levels

Each grove of levels has a theme and gets a little more difficult as you go along. Watch out for the Mits and xylogators and bats trying to catch the NicoNotes.


Unlock bonus levels by collecting sets of objects hidden throughout the levels.


Compete with others to get the best score on each level shared across all of steam.


Unlock over 20 steam achievements in the game.

Bonus Levels

The Bonus levels include music maker and sound player along with some fun mini games.

Musical Notes Played
SONGS made
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NicoNotes Video

The NicoNotes!

Play the awesome game!

Get to know the Notes

What NicoNotes Say

I like to play in front of a full audience. Just me and my piano. I can rock out or play ballads. I like to sing when not playing the Piano.
Gippy WHoo
Let me tell you a story, about an Owl name Chippy, He got some class and that is pritty. he dont drive a lorry that takes you away Hes got class and its here to stay. Chippy Chipp hu ba boom He the one your going to sing along with za za zoom!
Chippy Whoo
Like like to garden and make flowers, but when I get up on the stage I rock out! Then after the show I pass out my home made cookies!
Bippy Whoo


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